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Latex clothing is all the rage in the world of great sex and fetish wear. A sleek and smooth cat suit accentuates the curves that make a woman and leaves her feeling seductive and desirable. A full body latex suit can empower a woman who feels like her favorite superhero inside but doesn’t wear the costume on a daily basis. A woman in the latex body suit feels racy, sexy, and much like a warrior ready to prowl. Peaches and Screams latex suits and latex fetish wear fit like a glove securing your body while giving you the risqué appearance of a fearless woman. You could rock out in a sexy latex form fitting outfit. Make your lover crawl on their hands and knees as you target your inner dominatrix. Make your lover work to get you out of your clothing by wearing something so snug and tight; your lover will just stare. Latex fetish wear gives you and your partner the opportunity to role play with one another. Hero and villain maybe? Cat and mouse? Cops and robbers? Whichever game you choose to play, know you will be rewarded with hard bodies ready for visually induced sex. Being a temptress never seemed so fun until you discovered latex. Along with latex fetish wear, we offer a variety of dressing aids to help you wear your latex properly. Latex isn’t the easiest fabric to pull on, but the dressing aids at Peaches and Screams make getting your latex on much easier than ever before. For all your latex needs, clothing, bodysuits, fetish wear, or even latex toys, please shop our latex section. You’re sure to be pleased before you fill your shopping cart and certainly once you are home with your lover and your new toys and latex fetish wear. Don’t forget the dressing aids to help secure your body inside the latex in all the right places. Enjoy your shopping experience and be sure to share your latex experiences and thoughts with us. We’d love to hear how your senses were heightened with the help of latex fetish wear.

Ever thought about getting her into a suit? Not just any suit, but a sexy suit. One that accentuates her natural curves and edges while making her feel like the gorgeous queen that she is. It can’t be something that she’s worn before, or anything she’s seen. And if she has seen something similar, it should be something from a film or maybe a kinky magazine. How about getting her into some latex outfits? The kind that is skin tight and just flat out kinky as hell. The stuff that you would see female super villains wear in comic books. That will 100% surprise her because it is so out of left field, she wouldn’t even see it coming. It will also do you some good too. How? Well, let’s just say you haven’t truly seen your lady’s full potential until you’ve seen her in one of these suits. Not only will she be excited to try something new, but you might also give her the fucking of a lifetime after you see her model one of these for a few minutes. Take a look at our catsuit below. Racy, isn’t it? It’s a little “risqué,” but that’s the point! Imagine your girl rocking this little number and try to control yourself while you do it. Try to picture exactly what she’d look like, and be creative. This polyester and polyurethane suit wrapping around her figure like a glove. You can imagine every inch conforming perfectly to her sexy figure making for a nice, skintight fit. If you’re into role-play, or are brave enough to try it out, this can be your first step. Will she become cat woman? Or will she pretend to be a sexy burglar that you catch red-handed and are then forced to punish? The opportunities are endless but the result is assured and almost guaranteed. This will absolutely heat things up for the two of you and your relationship will thank you for it. Get your suit today and try it out immediately and reap the tremendous rewards. Be sure to write back to us and let us know how much you loved it. Did she look amazing? How did things go? Let us know! Shop for latex clothing, latex fetish wear, rubber sex toys.

The constant moans. The exhaustive panting. You can’t get enough of it, and the two of you can’t get enough of each other. The sexual tension is unbearable, as soon as you get a moment alone together you’re immediately clawing at each other’s clothes. You’ll be together forever. Or at least that’s what you think today. Your sex life is great, but you need to watch out and you may need some help. This here is important. Why? Think about it, what will happen if your lover begins to feel “different?” What if she starts to feel like the sex has become dull or repetitive? It is possible, you know. Don’t be naïve; the love of your life can start to think that you’re just getting boring. What will you do then? How would you feel? Your world would collapse. Your perceptions and assumptions of reality would become completely shattered. Wouldn’t they? You can see the severity of this issue. And this isn’t rare either, this happens often to millions of men across the planet earth. You need to protect yourself. You need to save your relationship and prevent this common dullness that is seemingly unavoidable. But how? Well, you can start by mixing things up a bit. You cannot allow yourself to become complacent. Maybe you can tie her up, or maybe you can stick a gag in her mouth. Or maybe you can try something bigger. Something so out of the ordinary that it is bound to knock her socks off and truly surprises her. Shop for latex clothing, latex fetish wear, rubber sex toys.

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