Many women in their early to mid-twenties consider embarking on a career in the escort industry. The allure of the glamorous hotels, corporate and social events and our course bags of cash can prove irresistible. In addition to the glamour, the option to work for yourself and be the keeper of your own time is massively beneficial when compared to the monotonous grind of the nine to five rat race.

There are lots of old wives tales about the escort industry circulating, especially online and in the tabloid media. Many of these urban myths are completely untrue or blown out of proportion. It is important to remember that escorting is a legitimate and perfectly legal career choice in the United Kingdom.

If you are seriously considering escort work, the starting point should be to try to speak with an active or former escort, whether it is a friend or a friend of a friend or even try calling an escort agency and ask to speak with an actual escort. Agencies are usually happy to do this one you register your interest, although they may insist on meeting with you first.

Why do you want to become an escort?

Before embarking on a career in the escort business, you should be absolutely sure in your own mind why you are about to become an escort. Is a short term move to make as much as cash as possible before returning to university? Or is it part of a long term strategy where you invest in creating a brand and reputation in the industry. This is a very important consideration because it can take time to start earning the money that all escorts are chasing. If you have a three or six month plan like many escorts do – to make as much cash as possible in a short timeframe – you should stick to it and resist the temptation to continue past your envisaged end date. If you are in escorting for the long term then it is important to truly invest in yourself financially and set an organized working pattern which will help you build regular clients and maximise profits.

Some of the most successful escorts are those that balance escort work with a full time or part-time job. These ladies moonlight in their evenings and weekends to top up their consistent monthly salary from their day job. Keep in mind that earnings from escorting can fluctuate wildly and are affected by bank holidays, half terms and even adverse weather.

You should also ask yourself whether you are truly ready to become an escort and mature enough to engage in this type of work. Not every person who wants to be an escort is capable of actually doing what is required in order to become successful.

Investing in high-quality photographs is extremely important and these are ultimately the hook to draw in your prospective clients. For high-class independent escorts you will probably need a website, social media (Twitter and Instagram to a lesser degree) and a hefty monthly marketing budget (can be claimed back via tax expenses) to promote your website and brand. You may also need to take legal advice and hire an accountant to deal with your accounting responsibilities. Although legal advice can generally be found on the internet, an accountant is absolutely essential for any escort working in the UK. Non-payment of taxes can have severe consequences as one escort found out to her detriment recently.


One of the most important aspects of working as an escort is to conceal your identity. Photographs of yourself that you use for marketing will end up on the internet and social media platforms forevermore. When you produce these photos, you must be absolutely confident that nobody you know will be able to recognize you from the photographs. This means that your face should be blurred out, tattoos and any other distinctive features or birthmarks should be Photoshopped out to ensure complete discretion.

Some elite high-class escorts opt to show their faces, however, if you decide to do this, although you can command higher earnings, the photos cannot be easily erased from the internet meaning that the risk of your family or friends working out what you do is significantly higher. Many escorts who do show their face chose to work in cities or even countries where do they do not have family ties.

Independent Escorts

Independent escort work is usually the fastest and easiest way to get started as an escort. You can usually create a profile on a number of websites within a matter of hours and apart from the advertising overheads, the profits are entirely yours. More sophisticated independent escorts will operate their own website and social media in order to market themselves online. This requires financial investment and working with photographers and website designers. The detractions from this type of escorting is that you personally have to vet your own clients and manage the booking yourself i.e. getting to and from the appointment. For incalls many escorts use their own property; this means a complete stranger coming to your property for a few hours. Alternatively, you could book a hotel to do incall appointments from. This provides extra security as the hotel will probably have CCTV and security on the premises. Some independent escorts choose to use a “Buddy” safety method whereby they will let another escort or friend know what appointments they are attending to check that they arrive and leave each appointment safely.

Escort Agencies

Working for an escort agency is an alternative to independent escort work that takes care of all of the complexities of working in the escort industry. The escort agency will have its own website, marketing, photographers, security staff and drivers in place to make doing the appointments as easy and safely as possible for you. The agency will perform all of your marketing on your behalf, vet clients and book your appointments for you. You can also be driven to and from appointments by the agency’s drivers / security which will provide peace of mind. Typically agencies provide these services for a 25% – 30% commission from each booking / referral that they send you. When choosing an escort agency to work for, it is important to choose an established agency that appears professional and can offer you the support that you need. Be wary of agencies that charge any upfront joining fees and extra fees for photographs, scam agencies do exist although some bona fide VIP high-class escort agencies will charge a joining fee.

Safety and Security

An escort agency will vet all of your clients as well as granting you access to their existing regular clients (which could potentially be thousands). Most agencies also maintain a blacklist for clients who they deem dangerous or unreliable to ensure that they cannot place a booking with any of the agency’s escorts. This usually means that the clients’ that you see will have probably already seen four or five escorts from the agency and they will be able to tell you some information about each client that you see and what to expect. This differs from independent escort work because as an independent you will know absolutely nothing about the client you are about to invite into your home or hotel room.

With outcall appointments, if you do not drive, the escort agency will often have drivers / security on hand to take you to and from each appointment. They will often wait close by for the escort and will intervene should there be any problem.

So What Happens Next?

Do your research, speak to active escorts or former escorts and calculate whether you want to be an independent or an agency escort. Remember that it will take time to build regular clients which will, in turn, help you earn the big bucks. If you want to work for an agency, ensure that they are reputable and established and they can provide the resources you need to become a successful escort.

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