Stunning Brunette Female Escorts in London

Stunning Brunette Female Escorts in London

Many of our brunette escorts in London have a wealth of experience behind them in what they do, from modelling and fashion to entertainment. This experience allows our escorts to blend in and standout with their graceful and stunning beauty in social circles. Our brunette escorts are very charismatic and at the same time, will shroud you in mystery through their enigmatic beauty and warm and tender personalities. 

An interesting study was conducted by Viren Swami and Seishin Berrett. The experiment employed females who sat in nightclubs over a period of several weeks. During the experiment, a woman changed her hair colours to red, brunette and blonde whilst it was recorded how many men approached her during one hour period. The results revealed that the woman was approached by men most frequently whilst she had her hair dyed blonde (60% of the male sample size). We would naturally assume that men found the blonde hair condition more attractive, but this may not be the case. During a second experiment, men were shown a picture of the same women with different hair colours and found the brunette women more attractive. This begs the question- if men found brunette women to be more attractive, then why did they approach blonde women at the nightclub in the first place? Swami and Berrett concluded that men at the nightclub found blonde women to be more “needy”. It leads to the conclusion supported by Adrian Furnham from HuffPost Lifestyle that blonde women were more approachable in public possibly because “they induced greater feelings of dominance or confidence in [the men], which subsequently reduced their inhibition”. One reason for this divergence from the popular belief that men prefer blonde women is derived from a shift in modern ideology. Over the last century, the role of the woman has changed significantly. A further research piloted by the City University of London reported that, when asked to give their view on the personality of a brunette woman, 81% of the men described the brunette as “intelligent” and 67% maintained that the brunette woman gave the impression of self-sufficiency. Peter Ayton, the person behind the study, observed that men are on the lookout for more “intense, equal partnerships and appearance has a large role to play”. He went as far as to suggest that hair colour can be indicative of a woman’s wealth and experience. 

Badoo, a social network site, polled two thousand British males in relation to what they find attractive in women. The outcome of the poll revealed that more than sixty percent of the men preferred brunettes over blondes. Blondes have clinched just under 30% of the vote.  Lloyd Price from Badoo was very surprised that blonde women and size 8 did not win the poll since fashion magazines are full of slim and size zero models, but said that it is nice to see that the reality is that guys have a preference for the “girl-next-door” look. 

To book a brunette escort in London, just browse through the brunette escorts’ profiles on this page. Click on the image of a brunette escort to open up the individual profile of a brunette escort in London to read their full profile and view their pictures. Once you have taken a pick, please contact us via email or telephone to make a booking. 

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