Stunning Blonde Female Escorts in London

Stunning Blonde Female Escorts in London

At Glamour Escorts 69, we have a variety of stunning blonde escorts in London with model-like physiques and an ebullient, fun-loving and playful personalities. Our blonde escorts in London will certainly show you how to have a fun time and will allow you to stand out in the crowd.

Beauty is inherently subjective and there is no single standard for beauty. Throughout our history, it would be politically incorrect to state that society has not developed an image of what beauty should look like. This is the reason why we have fashion magazines and models that are constantly entrenching into our minds the elusive ideas of what beauty looks like. We have asked some of our clients on their views on beauty and most of them were quick to refer to Marilyn Monroe. Our clients went further to state that when they think of Marilyn, they think of blonde hair. Marilyn’s iconic platinum blonde locks blazed the trail for “blonde bombshells”. With Marilyn’s rise to popularity in the 1950’s, blonde hair became a staple of beauty. This glamourisation of blonde hair by the popular media has paved the way to many clichés such as blonde women are more playful and fun. Our blonde escorts in London certainly adhere to this stereotype and will make a fun loving, playful companion with enviable shimmering blonde hair and model physiques.

Many of us find the "stereotype" associated with blonde women to be bewilderingly, validated. Many of us continue to ask the questions of why do many men find blonde women “prettier”? This topic fascinated us and our blonde escorts alike. Why have the Europeans evolved to prefer blonde women? What does blonde hair suggest about health and fertility?

According to studies, blonde women feature more often as Playboy counterfolds than in women’s magazines. Ridley has published in her book titled ‘The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature’ that blonde women have higher levels of oestrogen than brunettes and are thus likely to display other infantile sexually selected traits that are considered by men to be desirable. For instance, blonde women have a smaller nose, pointed chin, finer facial features, smooth skin, less body hair and narrow shoulders, as well as higher energy levels and playfulness.

According to Carole Jahme who writes for the Guardian newspaper, the genes behind blonde hair and blue eyes are located “close together on the same chromosome”. One reason why men find blonde women to be more appealing and desirable is because blonde women are extremely rare in the human population. A more primal theory discussed by Jahme is that Paleolithic men chose blonde women in relation to their sexual selection is because they “stood out from the rivals”. Unsurprisingly, men still behave in the same way today. It is fair to say that one has spotted a blonde woman in the street because she stood out.

Here is an interesting fact: blonde women have more hair than brunette women since evolution holds that hair evolved in order to protect our scalp from the sun rays. With less pigmentation than brunette women, blonde women developed more hair to create a greater protective barrier. Psychologists maintain that women who are not born with blonde hair dye their hair in order to stand out from the crowd. This seems natural in the face of the fact that only 10 percent of the population is blonde. In a crowd populated by women with darker hair colour, going blonde certainly helps to raise some heads.

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