Sexy Redhead Female Escorts in London

Sexy Redhead Female Escorts in London

With only 2 percent of the world’s population being redheads, here is your opportunity to book a majestic unicorn. In fact, there is an entire day in the Netherlands dedicated to celebrating red hair. Redheads are especially renowned for their reputation to be a lot wilder than their blonde and brunette counterparts. At Glamour Escorts 69, our redhead escorts in London fit this stereotype perfectly. Our readhead escorts in London are very fiery and passionate who like to get themselves loose and let their inhibitions go. By booking a readhead escort in London, you are sure to have a wild and unforgettable time. With their smouldering good looks, redheads escorts can set the place on fire and draw looks from all four corners of the room with their stunning bodies and fiery red hair. Redheads can change temperature quicker because redheads are more sensitive to hot and cold pain. The MC1R genes that are responsible for the red hair are also responsible for other physical characteristics that make sex with a redhead the best sex ever! The heightened sensitivity can translate into exciting sexual play with hot and cold lubes, sex toys and ice cubes. With faster physical response rates, many redheads agree that it takes less effort to achieve the big “o”.  Redheaded women are reputed to be opinionated and passionate, which can certainly pay dividends in bed!  

Once our redhead escorts get too wild and fiery, they will be sure to use their fiery temper as an excuse. You have been warned. All redhead escorts at Glamour Escorts 69 not only boast gorgeous physiques but are educated and keep abreast with the current affairs and are able to hold conversations on diverse topics. 

The stereotypical lusty redhead is not too far from the truth. Lucky redheads have more sex than blondes and brunettes. According to a study fielded by researches in Germany, redhead women have sex more often in the week than their brunette and blonde counterparts. Similarly, an English study has found that redhead women had sex on average three time a week, whereas blonde and brunette women had sex only twice a week. 

Redheads have special pheromones which practically means that they exude sexiness from their pores. According to Stephen Douglas, as a result of their pheromone production, redheads covet a sweet and musky scent on their skin. Many online forums dedicated to redheaded women support the view that read heads smell of sexiness. 

To book a redhead escort in London, browse the profiles of our stunning redhead escorts and once your eye has caught an escort that you like, simply click on their picture to view their individual profile and pictures. 

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