Sexy Plus Size Curvy Female Escorts in London

Sexy Plus Size Curvy Female Escorts in London

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In today's society beauty is perceived to encompass the aspects of being tall and skinny with model features. To us, beauty is comprised of confidence and attitude that one possesses. Below we make the case of why curvy women make the best romantic companions. Curvy women may not be the reigning beauty queens on today's fashion catwalks but it only takes one look into the men's boudoirs and will soon find a whole different kind of truth emerging. There are many reasons why curvy women make the best lovers.

Invariably, most curvy women have big bossoms and it is undeniable fact that most men are attracted to large bossoms. It is an overall part of great sex and forms an important aspect of successful and enjoyable foreplay. Around 80% of curvy women have a large cleavage and it is for this reason that curvy women outperform their counterparts in this department. Of course, breasts are not everything, but a decent pair rocking an Agent Provocateur bra is not going to hurt at all and will only turn up the heat in the department. In the same breath, it is worth noting that curvy women have beautiful "behinds". Here is an interesting fact from research presented by the University of Oxford, women with large "behinds" have an ample source of Omega 3 fatty acids. This means that curvy women not only have beautiful "behinds" but also healthy hearts and bodies too. So, if you think that a PVC dress stretching over Kim Kardashian's booty is getting you hot, think again. 

You will be pleased to know that curvy women have cuddly bodies, which means that there is no better way to cap off an adventurous and heated night. Having nice bossoms and backside is not the only thing that makes curvby women sexy, it is knowing how to rock it what really matters.  Curvy escorts  strike us as confident as they are not afraid to stand tall and wear tight clothes to show off their beautiful and healthy physiques. This gives curvy women escorts a sensational sex appeal. Historically, curvy women were regarded as more beautiful than skinny women. Go to an art gallery and you will see that curvy women have long been associated with beauty and sex appeal. Surely, a thousand year's of history cannot be wrong. A reason for this is that curvy women exude radiance, energy and health. It is more enticing to see a woman whose body shouts energy and vigor than a woman who is tired. 

When it comes to hot loving, curvy escorts know how it is done best. According to scientific research, men are sexually attracted to women with bigger curves. Men rated women with a waist which is over seixty percent of their hip size as sexy. Men love the hourglass figure of curvy women, not least of all in the bedroom. Curvy women certainly know how to indulge, if she wants her cake, she will have it, she wants wine, she drinks it and if she wants an orgasm, you are not leaving the room until she gets her piece of the cake. 

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