Sexy Petite Female Escorts in London

Sexy Petite Female Escorts in London

Petite escorts can be characterised as delicate, tender and inviting. Petite escorts at Glamour Escorts 69 are an especially popular choice with our corporate clients who like to increase their presence and sense of masculinity. At Glamour Escorts 69, you will be able to find dainty and graceful petite escorts in London with a bubbly and charming personality and demeanour. 

Beauty by today’s standard portrays women as tall when in reality, there are studies suggesting that men are attracted to petite women. It is a losing battle for fashion magazines and Hollywood. Petite women appear to be more feminine and dainty, whereas taller women may appear as more masculine to men. There are men who may find taller women to be more imposing and smaller and more petite women more inviting. Small women appear to look younger, are less noticeable, take smaller steps and just like ‘hello Kitty’ are considered to be more adorable. Genetically, men perceive height and size as threatening factors, which are more common in taller women. The traditional gender roles point to the idea that men like to dominate. Petite women appear more fragile and instinctively, men feel the need to protect and care for smaller women. This allows men to feel more masculine when in a relationship with smaller women especially when it comes to picking their women up and whisking them away from their feet! Men find petite women to be more fun and less serious because a man can play and fool around with her. Playing a game of flirt wrestle with a woman who can beat him up does not exactly fall within the definition of fun. 

Scientists claim that men are most sexually attracted to petite women with long legs. According to researchers, women with short slender bodies, slim limbs and large busts such as Scarlett Johansson and Raquel Welch have an ideal body shape. This prevailing view was confirmed by Dr. William Brown of Brunel University who found that shorter and slimmer females with long slender limbs and larger breasts are generally perceived to be more attractive. This is partially because petite women have low ‘body masculinity’ which makes them especially attractive to men. Body symmetry is therefore an important element to what women and men find aesthetically pleasing in each other. Previous research has shown that women with symmetrical facial features (left and right sides of the face match) are more attractive. On the contrary, the relationship between attractiveness and body symmetry is less clear-cut. Scientists suggest that we do not notice symmetry in the body directly and instead focus on more obvious signs of attractiveness such as shoulder definition, height and leg length. This supports the premise that petite women with lower ‘body masculinity’ are attractive and desirable. 

On this page, you can view the profiles of petite escorts in London by clicking on their profile picture, which will take you to their full profile. You can read more about your selected escort and view their pictures. Once you are happy with your chosen petite escort, you can make a booking. To book a petite escort in London contact us via email or give us a call. We strongly encourage you to book in advance of your appointment as our escorts lead busy lifestyles and may be booked up, on holiday or otherwise unavailable. 

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