London Escorts Agency providing Quality Female Escorts in London

London Escorts Agency providing Quality Female Escorts in London

Glamour Escorts 69 is London’s leading marketing agency with a virtual office specialising in the higher-end escort services segment in London. Since its inception, Glamour Escorts 69 has built up and retained an enviable roster of prestigious clients comprised of high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, leading figures in the corporate and sporting scenes. Glamour Escorts 69 has a particular focus on quality over quantity. All our assignments are very unique, fascinating and highly enjoyable. In the past, escorts listed on our website have accompanied our clients to luxury holiday destinations, yacht cruises, boardroom meetings, corporate events, best restaurants and venues, football and boxing matches. An assignment can be as short as one hour (i.e. an escort accompanying a client to a business meeting) and as long as two weeks (i.e. an escort accompanying a client to a luxury holiday).

We place a particular emphasis on ensuring that all our clients are matched with an appropriate escort and to this end, we work hard with our escorts and clients alike to consider factors such as personalities, physical preferences, background, education and linguistic abilities. Our aim is to ensure that each one of our clients is at perfect ease with our escorts by “clicking” with them from the initial meeting. For example, we have had a client who was going to Brazil on an important business meeting. To this end, we have successfully matched our client to an escort with a Brazilian/Latin American ethnic background with an academic degree in business. Our client felt at ease in a foreign country, received invaluable help about the commercial and legal landscape in Brazil and received an enjoyable tour of Brazilian landscapes.

At Glamour Escorts 69, we take confidentiality and privacy very seriously and all our clients can expect complete discretion. We take a very rigorous approach to ensure that all our client and escort private details are not disclosed to any third parties. This helps to ensure that all our clients can spend quality time with our escorts without having to worry about their privacy.

Our team has many years of experience in the marketing sector with a particular focus on escort services. This has enabled us to acquire a sizeable share of the London market and has helped us to grow from strength-to-strength. We are constantly striving to set high standards of quality and ethics in the escort segment in London, which makes Northern Star Escorts one of the leading escort agencies in London.

At Glamour Escorts 69 we operate a very stringent screening processes to ensure that we recruit and retain only the very best and most reliable escorts. We work hard to ensure that we have a diverse pool of escorts to meet the requirements of each and every of our clients. We are especially renowned for our flexible business model which allows to offer bespoke solutions to our clients. We take great pride in the diversity of our escorts and are able to match our discriminating clients to escorts using criteria such as physical characteristics, levels of education, cultural backgrounds, languages and interests.  


We are constantly looking for new escorts to join Glamour Escorts 69. Unlike many other escort agencies in London, we do not have a rigid criterion when recruiting escorts. All our clients are different and have different tastes. Escorts listed on our website, come from different ethnic and social backgrounds and make Glamour Escorts 69 a truly diverse and fabulous place. Over the years, we have built up an impressive list of prestigious clients coming from many diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, including high-net-worth individuals, prominent businessmen/businesswomen, sports figures, royal families and politicians. By working with us, you will benefit some of the best referrals in London and an opportunity to work with prestigious clients. In return, we expect all our escorts to be sociable, well groomed, cultured and have a good grasp of English language in order to meet the highest standards of client service and add value to their work.

If you are already working as an escort in London or would like to work as an escort, we welcome you to create a listing on Glamour Escorts 69 website. We would be grateful if you could email us across the following information in order for us to list you on our website:

•         Name

•         Work Name

•         Email

•         Age

•         Height

•         Weight

•         Hair Colour

•         Eye Colour

•         Dress Size

•         Bra Size

•         Experience

•         Nationality

•         Languages

•         Incall Location

•         Please tell us about yourself, your experience and preferences

•         What clients do you wish to avoid?

•         Rate for 1 hour

•         Rate for 2 hours

•         Rate for 3 hours

•         Overnight

•         High quality photographs for our website

•         A blurb about you (500 words about yourself)

*the above information is used in a non-discriminatory manner for the sole purpose of providing our clients with complete information about each escort to help our clients to make an informed decision as to what escort they would like to spend their time with.

It is extremely important that you provide us with accurate and complete information in order to allow us to create a full listing for you on our website. The information and the pictures that you supply will be displayed and sent to our clients. It is therefore very important that you make a positive impression on the clients as it can make the difference between getting and not getting referrals. Our prestigious clients are very intelligent and educated people who can see beyond veneers and artificial profiles. We therefore encourage every escort to be different, original and more importantly, themselves. Once we have listed your profile on our website, we will then be matching your profile to our clients and contacting them with your details.

The assignments our escorts undertake a truly exceptional and unique. In the past, escorts working with us have accompanied clients to VIP and celebrity parties in high-end venues, royal family weddings, yacht cruises, business and boardroom meetings, holidays to luxury destinations, restaurants, etc. The length of an assignment can be as short as 1 hours (i.e. an escort accompanying a client to a business meeting) or as long as two weeks (i.e. an escort going on holiday with a client).

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