Lap Dancers Or Escorts? What’s Worth Your Money?

So, you’re an adult (obviously) that has a lot of money on their hand. You’re looking to relax, chill down a bit; ergo, you’re after some adult fun. Now, you have to decide what to do this evening. What are your choices?

This obviously depends a lot on where you live. But, if we were to generalize things, there’d be a few things that would come to mind. Party at some private place, visit a night club, get an escort, get a lap dance, visit some fetish gathering, etc. You have a lot of options, but the two that definitely catch your attention would be lap dance and escorts. Both of these are extremely fun and well worth a good buck. But which of the two is better? Which of the two is more fun? Well, in this article, we’re going to give you our opinion and tell you exactly why we prefer what we prefer.

Lap Dancers Or Escorts? What’s Worth Your Money?

Lap Dancers vs Escorts

If you asked us to choose between the two, we would go with escorts hands down. They’re just so much significantly better than lap dancers in our opinion. Do you feel differently? Sure, you have the right to be. But, we’re about to go over some of the reasons why we feel escorts are superior to lap dancers. Let’s get to it.

A Personal Connection

With lap dancers, you’re randomly getting a hot girl who just happens to be on shift as you come in. You could be matched up with the same girl over and over again if you’re a regular but that still isn’t enough to create a personal connection. She isn’t going to remember your name while the barista serving you coffee every morning at Starbucks does. If you’re in it for the connection, lap dancers just aren’t what you’re looking for. Those girls just don’t care at all about you. Reading this may seem harsh, but to them, you’re just another guy that’s paying them to dance.

On the other hand, if you were to get an escort, you have time to build a connection with the female. You could request the same girl over and over again if she’s available and does things other than sex too if you really want to get in touch with her inner self. Take her out to dinner, sit around and watch a movie with her. You’ll have the time to get rid of that awkwardness people often have with sex workers and truly create a connection with her outside the sheets.


This one is sort of obvious. Hiring a lap dancer comes with a certain set of rules. One of those rules is that you’re not allowed to touch the performer. If you do, she’ll call the 300-pound guy named “Bob” and get you tossed out to the dark alley behind the club. That is how touching is rewarded during lap dances. Meanwhile, escorting is specifically meant for the females to be touched. That sounds like we’re objectifying women, but it’s the simplest way to explain the point. There are rules and regulations of an escort too which usually revolve around what she is comfortable with. For example, she may be okay with PIV, but not anal sex. However, by no means will she forbid you to touch her and more importantly, by no means will you get beat up if you do touch her. If physicality is what you’re looking for, then lap dances are a huge no-no.


Okay, so this is one that most men might disagree with, but it’s a factor too. So, a really pretty girl is giving you a lap dance. It’s the hottest you’ve ever had. Most men would be able to contain themselves, but every once in a while, you lose control. You push the girl off your lap to see a wet patch on your crotch. Peeing yourself is embarrassing, but ejaculating prematurely… Well, that’s a different level of shame, especially when you’re in a night club.

However, if you were to call an escort, no one would know and see, or honestly even care about when you ejaculate. And, that secrecy can save you from a ton of embarrassment.


What do you have to do to get a lap dance? You’re going to have to dress up (decent night clubs have a dress code or at least require you to wear something better than your shorts). You’re going to have to drive to a place. You’re going to have to drive to a place. You’re going to have to pay to enter. You get your amazing lap dance. You’re probably drunk. You have to get ab Uber home. You go home and have to go to bed. This is all a pretty tiring process and if you’re a couch potato like us, you’re probably not going to go through all this hassle.

Let’s talk about escorting now. All you need to do is visit a site or order an escort. Or better yet, call the escorting company and have an escort sent to your house within a few hours. It’s that simple and convenient. You don’t have to do anything special; you don’t have to go anywhere. An escort can come right to you with a simple phone call.


So, the facts are there. Yes, lap dance may be better in some certain ways. But, if we’re looking at the grand scheme of things, escorts are way better than lap dancers. The experience of getting an escort is way more convenient and overall, better as compared to a lap dancer. Not to mention, you can always get a lap dance off your chosen escort too! So, if you’re in London and want to have some adult fun, do give Opivm, one of the country’s best escort provider a call and we’ll hook you up with the finest escorts you’ve ever seen.

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