How To Market Your Escorting Services

The very first thing that baffles every escort right after they make the decision to get in the business is this, “How the hell am I going to find clients?” Well, that’s a perfectly reasonable question since its one of the hardest things to do in the start. The weird part about escorting is that its very difficult to advertise. You’re looking for a roommate, post ads in your college or university and wait. You’re looking to sell your car, ask your friend if they have someone in mind.

However, when you’re selling your escorting services, you can’t exactly post ads in such places or use the friend approach now can you. 90% of people just getting into the escorting business would much rather prefer to keep it private. If you’re not one of those people, great, wear a t-shirt around town that says “Pay me for Sex”. But chances are, you belong to that 10% category and would prefer if things remained private. So that’s what we’re here to help you with. Here are a few ways for you to conveniently market your escorting services.

How To Market Your Escorting Services

Escort Directories

Drectories are probably the first thing that comes to your mind and it’s a really decent option. A lot of people look for escorting services on the site and there will be a lot of people looking to hire you. However, the quality of customers of directories can tend to be extremely low. The majority of people there are folks that aren’t able to pay huge amounts to get a fancy escort. So, instead, they resort to scrolling complex directories. Don’t get us wrong; less-paying customers are still customers. But, due to the fact that they’re paying less, the clients from these sites will be a lot more rude, violent and even at times, flat-out dangerous. So, do be extremely cautious of clients you find. They could potentially be up to no good.

Ads in the Adult Section of a Newspaper

Well, first of all, posting ads in the newspaper went extinct about a decade ago. So, why are you even looking to do that. But, jokes aside, it’s still a pretty decent way to get clients. The average joe isn’t really too excited about reading a newspaper. Newspaper readers are usually educated individuals. Hence, you can expect to find a lot more people belonging to the higher class of clients. But then again, the amount of average people reading newspapers isn’t nearly as high as you’d hope it would be. Even though the ones you get will be quality clients, the amount of people that read the adult section of the Classified is rare. And people that buy newspapers specifically to find escorts are pretty much non-existent.

With newspapers, you’re dipping your toes in an extremely low traffic form of advertisement. You’ll hardly find one or two clients per month and that’s not the kind of business you’re looking to be doing.

Sign Up with An Escorting Service

Now let’s talk about the very best option on our list. Escorting agencies, like the one who’s blog you’re on right now, is one of the best places to find a decent escort on the internet. It’s the go-to place for a huge portion of the population looking for escorts and similarly, the go-to place for females looking to become one. There are hundreds of benefits of working for a proper escorting agency. We’ll look into some of those down below.

Stability: At the end of the day, being an escort is a professional for most women. Its their living, its how they put food on the plate. However, if you resort to any of the means of advertisement mentioned above, you’re working on your own and it doesn’t give you the job stability that you need. One week you’re doing great and another you hit a dry spell and can’t seem to find client. However, when it comes to working with an established agency, they have a huge number of clients hiring on a daily basis. They can constantly provide a smooth flow of customers towards you and you never have to worry about not having work.

Safe: Every reputable agency values their workers a lot and goes the full length to ensure their safety. Escorting is a dangerous business. Every once in a while, you’ll find the type of guy that’ll be into some weird things that might potentially harm you. Agencies are always on the lookout for such folks and keep them far, far away from their girls. But, there are some other agencies that go as far as sending a bodyguard with each of their females incase things suddenly take a turn for the worse.

Travel Opportunities: The best part of working for a reputable escorting service is that they almost always have ties to celebrities. Local clients are always there. But there’s a chance that every now and then, you might be able to find a celebrity. And, sometimes, those celebrities aren’t in England. Meaning that due to your job, you could get a full expense paid trip to some foreign country. It’s the dream life for any escort.

Getting Treated Right: Let’s be honest; escorting isn’t considered to be an actual job anywhere in the world; or even a respectful one for that matter. You won’t be treated like a human most of the times. Objectification will probably be something you’ll have to get used to. However, these agencies function like actual organizations and to them, you’re just an employee, nothing else. Whatever you’re doing as part being an employee holds no important. They have a professional work environment that encourages a positive attitude to the female sex works. So, if you’re becoming a part of a big escorting agency, you’ll be met with the amount of admiration and respect you deserve for working to earn your living. In short, escorting is slowly becoming a white-collar job that no one ever expected it to be.

Closing Thoughts

With that being said, we hope that we were able to make your life and the start of your new career easier. Escorting is a field with a tremendous amount of opportunities. You just have to find the right place to look at. If you’re in the search of a place that feels right, maybe give Opivm a shot. We’re one of the biggest and most popular escorting services in the entire United Kingdom with some of the best clients out there.

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