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Thea is an escort who has been working with us for a few years and has obtained enthusiastic reviews


Imagine going home tired and unmotivated after a long day at work and finding Thea ready to welcome you, to message you in the bathtub, who prepares your favorite meal and who wants to motivate you to be a better person.

She is a natural antistress and loves to caress clients while having sex with her, hugging them, and romantically kissing them. Thea makes love intensely and passionately, with great professionalism and with the desire to make people happy.

For Thea, sex is the only way to bring joy and erase stress in the world once and for all. She is a real girlfriend, but with her, you will only have joy and passion, not pressure, routine, and arguments.

Thanks to Thea finally, you will see only the beautiful things in life, without worries and fear, the nights with Thea will be your outlet and will bring a smile on your face, will be the oasis of salvation in a nightmare.

Think that you will make love with her, hugging each other and with French kisses all night long, and you will work better.

Book a table in a romantic restaurant like the restaurant Looks in Amsterdam in a private room, and you can experience the same emotions as Valentine’s dinner. We can guarantee you will fall in love with Bellana, her education, and her class.

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