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Neve is only 21 years old, but she has something that many experienced escorts do not have, that is the heart and the passion for her job. Neve wants to be a luxury escort and has developed a particular love for anal sex.

Neve tried anal sex for the first time last year, under the insistence of a client. Eager to deflect a young ass and the experience was initially harrowing, but then very pleasant and brought Neve on the edge of the most intense orgasm of her life, especially if accompanied by masturbation.

Since then, Neve has specialized in anal sex, but only for select clients, super-gifted, very talented in bed, and who can appropriately pay her services.

Neve knows she has a round, tonic, young, and very seductive ass, her investment, and she wants to be sure not to damage it or to devalue it.

Many clients wish with all their hearts to have anal sex with Neve, but she only accepts the best of the best, and each client must exceed his limits to impress her and get this rare privilege.

Neve knows all the secrets of anal sex, the best positions, relaxation techniques, the best lubricating oil to use. The customer only has to bring his big dick, and Neve will prepare her asshole all night long.

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