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Jill is one of the escorts who has recently added to our catalog and is the result of an extensive selection that has led us to recruit only the best girls, the most desired and the most talented.

What struck us about Jill was her body, with long legs, a small and proportionate breast, a beautiful smile, and a child’s face.

What can we say about Jill to present it to our customers?

She is 24 years old, has three years of experience in the industry, and has a great passion for cumshots. For Jill, a cumshot is a perfect conclusion to any sexual relationship, and she likes to look at the client’s facial expressions at the time of orgasm and final cumshot.

Our new escort has no problem in receiving a cumshot hot on her body; in fact, she encourages customers in this practice by allowing them to choose the part of her body that they prefer for the “money shot.”

Allowing the client to have a perfect cumshot is extremely important to Jill, and she concentrates all her energies on giving the client what he wants, which is a beautiful sexual relationship and something that can not be found elsewhere.

Jill is the perfect escort for those who have the fantasy of recreating scenes of pornographic films and want a professional treatment full of passion for the whole night.

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