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Amber arrived in Amsterdam three years ago and immediately fell in love with the beauty and history of the Dutch capital and chose to start her high-class escort career here. Amber is young and very talented for love, she lives for emotions and sex can always give very intense feelings.

Amber is a pure German. She is very professional, precise, meticulous in her job. Amber can control her emotions very well, and when she wants to let loose she does it with the power of a real tornado! The joy, the pleasure, the lust, the final orgasm, the satisfaction in the client’s gaze, are all emotions that have become like drugs for the beautiful Amber, and she can not live without all her feelings.

Amber is always looking for new customers and new friends, each person is very different, and she wants to feel different types of emotions with different kinds of people, and Amber cannot wait to have her drug: the excitement!

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